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Tradition, quality, and pride. For over 30 years, Rui Gomes has been dedicated to mastering the art of roasting piglets in traditional wood-burning stoves.
With two successful meat shops in Toronto, Gomes is now taking on a new direction with his roasted piglet. Born and raised within the traditional Portuguese culture, and having grown up enjoying leitao a bairrada (roasted piglet), he wanted to share this delicious experience with everyone he could. This tradition has been passed down from one generation to the next, and now Gomes would like to share this crispy, juicy, roasted goodness with you and your family. The Quality of Gomes’ work can be tasted in every bite. His pork is hand selected and certified by Ontario. Certified pork allows Gomes to deliver to any number of special events, where your family and friends cannot only enjoy the convenience of professional staff, but they can also share the flavours that they love so much. The goal is to become one of the best and well-known for his traditional roasted piglet, bringing the Portuguese tradition to other cultures. Being the only company in Ontario dedicated exclusively to roasting piglets, Gomes wants his customers to enjoy the piglet as much as everyone enjoys the infamous Portuguese roasted chicken. When you book for delivery, you can count on changing perspective towards your common roasted piglet taste! Gomes’ European roasted piglet style is the reason why he and his team are an award-winning team and certified “Ontario Approved”.
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Ontario Approved Pork

We ensure the very best quality by only using certified "Ontario Approved" pork. "Ontario Approved" pork is inspected by Provincially appointed inspectors and stamped to indicate compliance with the The Food Safety and Quality Act, 2001.

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