Roasted Piglet

Life in Toronto is constantly busy, there’s never enough time to sit down and relax with your family.

When everyone does get together for a birthday at home, an anniversary at a banquet hall or a summer barbecue in your own backyard, it’s great to laugh and make new memories while enjoying deliciously made food.

Rui’s Roasted Piglet, the only company in Ontario that specializes in catering roasted Piglets, wants to be a part of making those times all the more memorable.

Indulge in a roasted piglet, delivered to your party location with a variety of different sauces covering everyone’s unique tastes - it’s crispy, juicy, roasted goodness everyone can share.

The only moments that matter, are the times we spend together. So stay at home this weekend and have a roasted piglet party.

Order your roasted piglet.